Social robots love making people happy. They talk, interact and relate to us naturally.

Unlike functional robots that you might use in the back room or back office, social robots can be used in your business frontline. They will help your business grow by building real relationships between your brand and your customers.

Social robots can attract people and connect them with your business. They’re not just a gimmick or a fad – they are a real asset to your brand customer experience.

Why Robots?

Robots are entertaining and compelling. They are the future of technology and will be driving innovation over the next decade. We see robots becoming increasingly central to people’s marketing strategies and customer service.

They add value to your team and will help increase your efficiency, offering an outstanding range of features and benefits:

Social robots talk to people in a natural way.

They can listen, understand and respond to natural speech in a variety of languages. In fact, they understand complex language queries so well that they are being used as tutors for children learning a second language.


Language isn’t just about words and understanding.

It’s also about movement and tone. In order to look and feel natural, social robots use movement that mimics natural human gestures. Even their voice and vocal timbre can be customised to make it more natural. Social robots can talk in a number of different voices, from a child-like voice to a calm and professional one.


Social robots can help you make an impact.

Who else can say they have a robot on board their business? Imagine the confidence and excitement it generates amongst potential customers and leads.

If you are looking for an innovative way to raise your brand awareness, there are few methods as dramatic and attention-catching as a social robot. The impact of a robot that can engage with people is immeasurable, and it will position you as innovators and leaders.

Social robots also have a practical role to play in marketing and lead-generation, and they can improve your customer experience in many ways:

  • Encouraging people to talk and engage with your staff;
  • Helping people browse your product range through their tablets and through direct interaction;
  • Answering questions and providing information;
  • Capturing people’s details for marketing purposes.

Imagine this: a customer or potential client enters your company’s waiting area, and they are greeted by a social robot that says hello and is ready to answer their questions, help them browse your product or service range and keep them entertained while they are waiting.

A social robot can process arrivals and take the hassle out of queuing by engaging your customers with a variety of activities and interactive games. Social robots can also offer details of your product and service range. What better way to get people to find out more about what you offer?

Are you interested in social robots? See how they can help your business: