GWS Robotics is a Bristol-based company associated with GWS Media Ltd which has been providing applications, software development and digital marketing solutions to businesses since 2000.

GWS Robotics was created to cater to the growing demand for cutting-edge technology in businesses and organisations looking for:

  • Innovative ways to engage with customers;
  • Increase their brand awareness;
  • Maximise customer loyalty and attract new clients.

GWS Robotics supplies robots for a range of applications, and software development specifically tailored for businesses focused on customer service, from shops to hotels and offices.

GWS includes among its clients Mensa International and British Mensa, The University of Bristol, SWMAS, and the National Composites Centre.

Our Values

GWS Robotics’ values are:

  • Being active partners – developing effective ways to help your business grow, providing first-class applications and software development and adding value to your work;
  • Leading the way and providing support –being responsive and delivering efficient and tailored solutions to your business;
  • Delivering customer satisfaction – listening and responding to your needs and suggestions, and always aiming to exceed expectations;



Our aim is to help clients stay ahead – focusing on all the different ways in which robotic technologies can add real value to business, and providing solutions that will be both original and based on our knowledge of the field.