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Pepper Robot and other Social Robots brought to you by GWS Robotics

Custom Pepper Robot Application Development Services

We specialise in the development of custom applications for social robots within the business, banking, education, hotels, hospitality & tourism, airports and stations, health care, retail, exhibitions, office, and manufacturing sectors. We currently supply the Softbank Robotics Pepper and Nao, and are experienced developers of apps for these robots.

Based in central Bristol, England, but supplying customers throughout the UK and worldwide, GWS Robotics are committed to staying at the cutting edge of the growing move towards using social robots for commercial, industrial and educational applications.

Robots for Education; Robot Solutions for Business

We will work with you to custom-program the Pepper Robot, Nao Robot, or other robots of your choice to meet the needs of your business or your educational purposes.

Sectors and Applications

Robots for Education

Robots in Education Robots are great educational communicators, and children will increasingly see them as part of their lives. The education sector is already using social robots for teaching...

Robots in Exhibitions & Marketing

Robots in Exhibitions & Marketing Want to raise awareness fast? Few methods are as dramatic and attention-catching as taking your social robot on the road with you. It says a lot about your...

Robots in Offices & Waiting Rooms

Robots in Offices and Office Waiting Rooms Don’t let people sit in your waiting area get bored and impatient! When a customer or potential client enters the building, having a robot there ready to...

Robots in Manufacturing

Robots in Manufacturing Customer Service Robots aren’t just useful for manufacturers on the assembly line. They can serve your customers and clients face-to-face as well. We are of course talking...

Robots in Retail and Shops

Robots in Retail and Shops Retail is an ideal environment for social robots. Social robots upgrade the retail experience and help your staff achieve their sales goals. Very capable in natural...

Robot Solutions for Business

Robot Solutions for Business Are you looking for new and ground-breaking ways to promote your products and services? Have you considered robot solutions for business? There are of course many ways in...

Companies that are using social robots include

Louis Vuitton
Havas Voyages
Harmonie Mutuelle
Altarea Cogedim