Robot Solutions for Business

Are you looking for new and ground-breaking ways to promote your products and services?

Have you considered robot solutions for business?

There are of course many ways in which robots can help business, for instance manufacturing robots improve efficiency by saving on labour costs.

But there is now a growing trend for businesses to deploy social robots. So how can they help your business?

Social Robots for Business

Social robots are a very effective way of engaging and interacting with people and help them connect with your business.

Social robots like Pepper and Nao can:

  • Talk to your business customers
  • Answer questions
  • Talk potential customers through a product or service range or information of interest
  • Allow customers to make a purchase
  • Lead customers to an area that they are interested in
  • ‘Check in’ people who arrive for an appointment
  • Give customers / clients a number as part of a queuing system
  • Entertain customers / clients during their waiting time
  • Provide an interactive product catalogue or guide to the local area
  • Take a person’s details for lead capture.

Social robots are innovative and entertaining, and will make your customer service stand out against the one provided by your competitors.



Social Robot Business Solutions

At GWS, we offer customised social robot applications development for the Pepper and Nao robots.

Whatever your needs, we have a social robot business solution for you!

Please get in touch with us here at GWS Robotics through our contact form for a preliminary business consultation.

We look forward to discussing how we may help you!