The education sector is using robots for teaching purposes for courses featuring robotics or robot programming for students at a range of ages.

Robots in Education

Robots are great educational communicators, and children will increasingly see them as part of their lives.

The education sector is already using social robots for teaching purposes, employing them in robotic engineering and programming courses, teaching a wide range of students.

Social robots are also being used as tutors for children learning their second language. Children love interacting with a robot that talks back to them, and people are seeing excellent results in increasing happiness and improving communication skills for autistic children and students with learning difficulties.

Hire Social Robots for Education

GWS Robotics offers educational visits to schools, colleges and universities throughout Bristol and in Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Depending on the age of the students or pupils and the level of specialisation that your curriculum demands, we can tailor our educational activities to your requirements.

At the most elementary level, typically for primary school and early secondary school ages, we offer school-hall lectures with inspiring live demonstrations of Pepper Robot and Nao Robot, educational talks about robotics and social robots, and question and answer sessions.

For more advanced students and more specialised courses, we offer class seminars and lessons in programming, giving students the opportunity for hands-on practice in programming social robots and seeing the effects of their programming on the robots' behaviour in practice. 

Our standard prices include travel to all educational establishments within an hour’s drive of central Bristol, but more distant locations can be catered to at extra cost to allow for the added time involved. Contact us here at GWS Robotics to discuss your educational visit needs, and we'll be happy to make you a quotation.